Please enjoy these resources as you pursue biblical answers to life’s most important questions.

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Salvation Videos

A Better Way of Life: A ten minute video explaining the plan of salvation, including instructions on how to receive the Holy Spirit

Bible Salvation: An 11 minute video of Bishop John Hanson answering some typical questions about Bible salvation.

Baptism in Jesus Name Truth About Salvation : A 7 minute video explaining the doctrine of baptism in Jesus’ name.

Faith & Works Truth About Salvation : A 4 1/2 minute video exploring the concept of being saved by grace and the role that works play in the process.

Core Doctrine Sermons Series by Bishop Hanson

Justified –  What does justification mean? Listen to this sermon on repentance to find out.

Washed – How should someone be baptized? Find out in this sermon about baptism in Jesus’ name.

Sanctified – Have you been filled with the Holy Spirit? Here’s a sermon about receiving the Holy Spirit.

Liberated – How does God want us to live? Here are biblical answers to questions about holy living.

Membership Sermons by Bishop Hanson

Authority: A lesson by Bishop Hanson on authority in the church.

One Spirit: A lesson by Bishop Hanson on the importance of unity in a local church.

Other Great Resources

Speaking in Tongues Medical Study proves Holy Spirit praying : An 8 minute video originally which originally aired on Nightline. It explores a University of Pennsylvania study that used MRIs to examine people’s brains as they spoke in tongues.

Lee Stoneking Addresses UN General Assembly: A 7 minute video clip of Rev. Lee Stoneking speaking to the General Assembly at the United Nations on 4-23-15.  In this speech he tells the true story of being raised from the dead.

A Muslim Man’s AMAZING Testimony about Jesus: An incredible 7 minute testimony of a man who converted to Christianity from the Muslim faith.  His revelation of who Jesus is will amaze you!

Tithing and Dominion: A great sermon explaining the principles of tithing, preached by Steve Pixler.

75 References on Drinking Alcohol: A list of scriptures concerning alcohol for those who are looking for biblical answers on this subject.

Embracing the 5-fold Ministry:  A free downloadable ebook by Bishop John Walter Hanson, encouraging discussion of the 5-fold ministry and how it should be embraced in the Apostolic movement today.

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