Acts II Ministries Celebration Service

Every Sunday morning, everyone who is a part of Acts II Ministries is encouraged to gather at our main facility to enjoy a time of worship, singing, children’s ministry and preaching; we call this our Sunday Celebration. It is during this service that God can give encouragement and direction to the whole body. Sunday Celebration is the only weekly service set aside for this purpose, although, from time to time other meetings will be scheduled to minister to the whole body as well, such as: revivals, seminars, prayer meetings, etc.

 Evangelistic Outreach

An evangelistic outreach is geared primarily to reach a specific community or group of people. Elders work under the supervision of Bishop Hanson in organizing evangelistic meetings throughout this region. These meetings may be a service, outdoor preaching, a concert, a seminar, etc. The goal is for believers to get out of the church house and into communities so that more people can hear the gospel. Evangelistic outreaches are normally planned to take place on a weekly basis in a particular community, however, the time and place will often be changed to allow for variety and creativity as we learn to reach out for more people. Everyone is encouraged to attend the outreaches planned for their community.

 Hour of Prayer and Care Groups

Each week believers meet in one another’s homes for times of prayer and fellowship. These prayer groups are a vital building block to what God is doing in New England. They are the primary way in which Acts II Ministries organizes for prayer, evangelism, fellowship, building maintenance, etc. Anyone who believes in prayer and is willing to cooperate with a deacon who has been assigned to lead the prayer meeting is encouraged to come, bring friends and help pray for God to change lives.

These group prayer meetings allow people many opportunities to minister to others. Many people will experience healing and salvation in this setting. Small groups provide an ideal climate for sharing, caring and mobilizing for action. It is important that these meetings be a coordinated effort, so anyone interested in joining an Hour of Prayer and Care Group should contact the church office to find a group near them, or talk to the deacon in charge of the group they are interested in joining.

Training Institute

In an effort to develop Christians for life and ministry, Sunday evening has been set aside as a Training Institute.

From 2:00 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. a variety of classes will be offered. These classes may include training for new believers, teacher training, practice sessions for musicians and singers, or classes geared for people preparing for public ministry. On many occasions, there will be classes of general interest that everyone is invited to attend. These classes will include subjects such as: books of the Bible, marriage and the home, how to teach Bible studies, etc.

Each Sunday from 2:45 to 4:00 there will be a leadership class in which deacons, elders and members of the School of Ministry will receive instruction, direction, and inspiration.

School of Ministry/Adorn

The School of Ministry is designed for those among us who feel led of God to prepare for the possibility of a more formal or public ministry. In many cases when people feel led in this manner God is wanting to develop them, but it is not immediately clear as to where and when. The School of Ministry is a program designed to help the student submit to the direction of Bishop Hanson as they pursue this dimension of personal development. It is a three-stage series of self-paced assignments, readings, tests and accountability sessions that will help people determine where God wants them to be involved in ministry.

image of preacher at Acts II MinistriesUltimately, should the Bishop and student both agree that God is leading the student to pursue a license to preach, the completion of this course will have prepared them for that major step. Not all who participate in the program will be preachers, neither will they be automatically licensed upon completion of the course. The School of Ministry program is only required for those who are seeking to be licensed ministers. Please see Bishop Hanson for additional information.

Adorn is Acts II Ministries’ mentoring program for women in leadership who desire to develop their ministry. Classes are usually held on the last Sunday of the month and will be posted on the church calendar.

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